EarthTrak™ is the most sustainable access mat in the world. These Access Mats are more durable than traditional 3 ply wood mats and are as environmentally safe as composite mats. Save on freight costs as you can get more mats per truck. They are 30% stronger, 40% lighter, and have an extended lifespan over traditional 3-ply hardwood mats. EarthTrak™ is made of laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) which grows 8 times faster than hardwoods. The supply of bamboo is abundant and readily available while the usage of hardwoods has created a shortage in the U.S. They have a 40% lower absorption rate, making them lighter to move from job to job. The surface is smooth and is easier to clean than wood mats. There are no cables or chains ( no trip hazard as you will find with ) and the counter-sunk carriage bolts with specialized washers create a smooth finish and more durable mat. This access mat is a better long term investment than any wood mat on the market.

EarthTrak has many environmental features that makes this access mat your best choice for creating temporary road access while protecting the environment.

COMMON APPLICATIONS: Crane Mat, Temporary Road Access Mat, Pipeline Mat, Ground Protection Mat, Road Mat, Mud Mat and more for Construction Roadways on most any project site.

Earthtrak available from The Mat Source