New South provides the environmental services required on project sites including environmental and threatened species protection and restoration. We offer the most responsible wetlands access and are the fastest at laying it. New South, in partnership with the manufacturer of emtek® mats, created the matting system that floats on vegetative wetlands leaving minimal impact and protecting the fragile ecosystem.

Wetland Access

We do not stack mats in wetlands. There is a better solution. The emtek® Wetland Access System (EWAS) leaves less impact – only half of the imprint
Environmental Access Mats
of a human footprint! EWAS provides faster, safer, and environmentally responsible access as it floats on vegetative wetlands.

Environmental Protection

New South offers environmental protection services including soil erosion, sediment control, slope stabilization, hydrology, geotextiles, straw wattles and bales, and dust control.
Mats near environmentally sensitive area with water on either side

Threatened Species Protection

Silt fence to retain sediment and prevent erosion during construction
New South offers services that protect threatened species, keeping you in compliance on every job site.


We will restore and enhance right-of-ways, leaving your project sites better than we found them. New South has a dedicated r.o.w. services division to take care of all of your restoration requirements.
Watering right of way land