Don’t get stuck using the wrong mat on your project site!  New South has a product line that unmistakenly offers the best mat options in the industry.  Not every project site is equal, nor is every mat. Unlike a manufacturer, New South is not limited to providing one mat type or procurement  option. We have assembled mat options that will work on most any type of ground condition that you can rent, lease, buy, or sell. Our options are tailored to your needs.


Engineered laminated hardwood mats

Emtek® leads the industry with the most innovative mat systems.

Laying Emtek Wetland Access System


3 Ply
8″ timbers
12″ crane

Sometimes, it’s all you need. Many hardwood mixtures and sizes available.

Timber for Mat


TuffTrak® XL

Ground cover, pedestrian, heavy-duty mats that are environmentally sensitive.

TuffTrak XL Photo


The Bamboo Mat

The most sustainable mat in the world –
30% stronger, 40% lighter than hardwood mats.

EarthTrak At Stennis

Rent, lease, buy, sell
  1. Renting mats has many advantages – no inventory management, no capital investment, no storage costs. Click here to read more….
  2. Custom leasing programs can benefit you in the short and long term. We will design a program to fit your needs. Let the New South MATmeticians work some magic for you!
  3. Buy mats if your project time frame is 70% of the life of the mat. Don’t worry – we’ll figure that out for you when we quote your project.
  4. If your project takes less time than you projected and there is still some life in your mats, ask us if we will buy them from you. We work to make every option work in your best interest.


Turnkey access.
Save money, save time, worry less.

Ask your representative how you can save more by using New South’s turnkey access approach. Saving money is only part of the advantage you’ll receive. As a single source service provider, New South will eliminate worry, hassle and time. We are here to make your life easier.