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Emtek Wetland Access System allows access around oil pipelines

March 27, 2012


NEW SOUTH customer Latchco Construction had a problem: They needed to be able to drive 200,000-pound wheeled axle loads across 600 feet of marsh-and-swamp right-of-way near the Gulf of Mexico for a drilling rig installation. The real catch? The space was lined with side-by-side, highly sensitive pipelines. Thirteen of them to be exact. Latchco called NEW SOUTH for help, beginning with an access design consultation. Strict downpressure requirements eliminated traditional hardwood mats as an option and made safety certification of this access road mandatory.


In solving the problem, the NEW SOUTH team (consisting of Earthsafe & emtek engineers) designed a solution to match the specified ground pressure requirements for each piling and pipeline crossed. Turns out, the problem was well worth solving. The Duncan prospect hit oil.

Project quote

“NEW SOUTH’s on-site assessment was excellent, as were the engineering data and services. The diagrams really impressed our customer, as did the materials used – the bridges looked great from start to finish. From design phase to installation, whenever we called them with questions, NEW SOUTH was responsive and absolutely helpful – even when we called to ask them to clean up our former supplier’s mess. If NEW SOUTH can’t do it and do it quickly, the job can’t be done. They are our first call.”

– Mike Latiolais, Latchco Sales Manager

Airbridge allows access around oil pipelines

Airbridge allows access around oil pipelines

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