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Building Roads Safely Over Swamps

January 9, 2020

The Earth has existed for billions of years, so why should we assume it will cooperate when we want to build on it? Taming the terrain and overcoming difficult site conditions are part of practically every construction project. However, the work is even more challenging when building a road on wet ground. The soils in swampy areas are soft, causing equipment to slow down or even become stuck. In addition to the physical challenges of working in wetlands, these locations also may be more ecologically sensitive. Crews must be careful to avoid damaging fragile ecosystems with their heavy machinery. This is why knowing how to build a road through a swamp is crucial for any contractor likely to do work there.

Tips for Building Through Swamps

There are a number of factors that builders must take into consideration when creating access to muddy job sites. These include:

  • Environmental responsibilities — Moving large trucks and cranes through a wetland can have devastating consequences for the plants and animals that live there. In some cases, the damage can take decades to be repaired through the natural process. That’s to say nothing of the steep fines contractors can incur by damaging local plant or animal habitats. This means laying down access mats to form temporary roadways is essential. The mats disperse the weight of heavy machinery and prevent equipment from causing harm. It’s especially important to avoid harming the root systems of vegetation so plants can grow back after you complete your work.
  • Ground conditions — The stability of the soil on which you work is of the utmost importance. When preparing a roadway through excessively soft areas, be sure you have a clear path. Laying swamp mats over rocks, stumps and other obstacles may cause them to break or warp.
  • Ease of assembly — Using access mats to build temporary roadways makes sense in many ways, not the least of which is how easy they are to assemble. Timber mats feature rods for gripping and maneuvering during installation, while lightweight cross-laminated timber mats feature joints that lock into place on their own.

Expertise That Matters

With years of experience providing access roads to a wide range of industries, no one knows more about temporary road construction than New South Access and Environmental Solutions. Our experts take a close look at each site and develop the most comprehensive and effective plan to ensure success. In addition, our partnership with industry-leading supplier YAK MAT enables us to provide the widest selection of mats with exceptional convenience. To learn more about our capabilities and how they can help your next project, get in touch with us today.

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