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ComEd Barge / Island Project

April 9, 2014

Multiple mat solutions on ComEd project


ComEd was faced with a transmission and distribution project that presented multiple challenges and required several matting access solutions to cross a river to an island with a wetland. Preparation for this project took seven months of careful planning to create the safest way on and off the island to repair transmission poles and towers.

Multiple mat solutions on ComEd project
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Challenge #1:

Seven months of very careful planning was executed to ensure a safe access route for ComEd crews while protecting habitats of eagles and other wildlife and dealing with overhead clearance issues. In addition, river flooding could cause a multitude of problems for every aspect of the job. No leaf unturned and Plan B established at every juncture to ensure safety and avoid delays.

Challenge #2:

The entrance to the job site was from a state highway.
Permits were required as well as safety measures including proper flagging, safety barrels, proper arrow boards and safety signage to move approximately 100 trucks on and off the site (while avoiding a potentially dangerous blind corner).

Challenge #3:

The barge had to adapt to a variance of river levels during the project duration while withstanding heavy equipment usage. NEW SOUTH worked closely with engineers from Faulken Barge Company to create a safe barge that was flexible and could adapt to a variance of river levels while withstanding the heavy equipment and amount of usage. If the barge had broken loose, serious damage could potentially have occurred to a hydro plant within a ¼ mile of the site.

Challenge #4:

There is a sensitive wetland and different ground conditions throughout the project site, transporting mats on a heavy regulated highway with dangerous blind spots, a potential threat to a hydro plant from the river rising during rainy season.

Project Stats:

Response time: Immediate
Multiple Types of Soil Conditions
Mats used: 2000
Types of Mats used: emtek® Type 1, 2, and 3
Miles of Mats laid: 2.84 miles
Outage Time: Approximately 2 Months

Multiple mat solutions on ComEd project

Multiple mat solutions on ComEd project

Multiple mat solutions on ComEd project

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