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Ducks Unlimited partners with NEW SOUTH for wetland protection

October 29, 2013

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Oct. 28, 2013 – One of Ducks Unlimited’s (DU) newest partners, NEW SOUTH Access and Environmental Solutions, offers on-the-ground wetland projects even more protection. NEW SOUTH is the world’s leading environmental access company creating safe right-of-ways to environmentally sensitive areas.

By using the emtek® wetland access system, NEW SOUTH logistic crews create a temporary pathway to work sites without disrupting the natural habitat. Crews lay mats to form a temporary roadway, never impacting the wetland. The emtek system floats on vegetative wetlands leaving a footprint of only 3.5 psi – approximately half of that of a human footprint. This avoids unnecessary damage to wetlands and leaves the ecosystem intact. The emtek system does not restrict water flow, protecting the marsh plant and animal life.

“We are proud to have NEW SOUTH on board as one of our newest partners,” said Jim Alexander, DU’s senior director of corporate relations. “This partnership will provide wetlands engineers a new tool to use when needed on projects across North America.”

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