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A Two Man Crew and a Loader from NEW SOUTH!

June 20, 2016

NEW SOUTH offers a service every PM needs on a jobsite. Many auxiliary tasks on project sites can jeopardize your crew making your deadline and staying within budget. NEW SOUTH has solved your problem by offering a two man crew with a pickup truck and a loader to take care of everything from installing straw wattles and silt fencing on a SWPPP to site restoration. We handle right-of-way cleanup and trash removal, rock entrances, safety fences, ROW gates, gravel entrances, debris disposal, secondary spoil containment, concrete spoils, concrete construction, material movement, stone apron culverts, geotextiles, and flaggers. A NEW SOUTH project manager will oversee your site support crew, purchase materials, and rent additional equipment if needed.

Call our Site Support Services Manager, Grant Staten, for more information, at 601-859-7472.

We’ve got you covered!

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