The Emtek® Wetland Access System offer wetland protection to environmentally sensitive marshes by floating on vegetative wetlands. The human footprint leaves an impact of approximately 7 psi, while the emtek® Wetland Access System leaves less than 3.5 psi! Minimal impact avoids unnecessary damage to the wetlands area and leaves the eco-system intact. This extraordinary wetland protection access system does not restrict water flow, thereby protecting the marsh plant and animal life. Traditional wood mats have to be stacked from the bottom of the marsh to the top, using thousands of mats more than the emtek® system. The emtek® Wetland Access System from New South can minimize and eliminate mitigation, fines, and penalties, saving our customers thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

wetlands protection laying access mats


wetlands access before

Before Construction

wetlands access during

During Construction

wetlands access after

After Construction
(4 months later)

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