Access & Environmental Solutions

for Energy & Construction Project Sites

Our Process

for Energy & Construction Project Sites

Our Process

For NEW SOUTH, Access Is All in a Day’s Work

We build temporary access roads and bridges that help you complete your projects safely, on time and without impacting the environment. We install and remove high-quality, temporary access mats efficiently and cost-effectively — every day — for clients in diverse industries, including:


NEW SOUTH Keeps the Big Picture in Focus

Learn how our temporary access solutions meet even the most challenging project requirements — from planning and management to road construction and restoration — while addressing environmental concerns all along the way.

When You Work with Us, You’re in Good Company

We’re proud that many great clients have chosen NEW SOUTH to provide their temporary access solutions. We’d love to add you to our list of happy clients!

Building Bridges Through Long-Term Relationships

“Over the last 18 months, NEW SOUTH provided matting solutions on three different jobs for us in the Southeast. Through smart planning and safe operations, NEW SOUTH increased our production and kept our costs under control throughout the projects.”

— Jim McCloud
Transmission Manager, Pike Electric

We’re the First Ones In

and the Last Ones Out

NEW SOUTH is a full-service access company that lays safe, temporary access roads and bridges for energy and construction project sites, while protecting our environment. We install the highest-quality access mats to create temporary roads, bridges, and wetland access systems so you can complete your project safely, efficiently, cost-effectively and on time. We’re there before you begin work, and we’re there after you leave — removing mats and restoring the site to its pre-project state.

Permanent Access to Temporary Access Mats

Are you seeking matting for an upcoming project? Are you unable to locate enough mats to meet your project’s requirements and timeline? Rest assured that NEW SOUTH can obtain all types of high-quality mats in the quantities you need, when you need them. We have access to YAK MAT’s million-mat inventory as well as numerous hardwood mat yards throughout the nation and in close proximity to project sites.

NEW SOUTH Won’t Let Your Projects Go South

Now located in Madison, Mississippi, the company was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2006 as NEW SOUTH Equipment Mats. Our name was changed in 2012 to NEW SOUTH Access & Environmental Solutions to reflect our newly defined mission — to provide unique access solutions that protect and enhance environmentally sensitive sites, safely and efficiently.

Our expertise helps ensure the success of your project(s). We provide safe surfaces to work on, the access you require (even through wetlands and water), cost efficiencies, the ability to complete your project on time and in budget, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you left a sensitive ecosystem intact.

Won’t you let NEW SOUTH lead you in the right direction?

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