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Accessing a Wetland and Leaving Minimal Impact

Provider of the emtek® wetland access system

NEW SOUTH crews are the most experienced at laying the emtek® wetland access system and most capable in its use. Instead of the typical access road built by stacking mats to create a solid surface for equipment to traverse, the emtek system floats on vegetative wetlands, protecting fragile root systems.

The emtek wetland access system is ideal for access road construction in energy exploration, utility and other types of heavy construction work as well as for any project that occurs in a fragile ecosystem or other environmentally sensitive area.

emtek® System Mat Applications

These heavy-duty, highly durable, engineered-hardwood access mats are an excellent choice for projects with demanding applications or in difficult terrains. Emtek® laminated mats enable heavy equipment — cranes, excavators, pipe layers, drilling rigs and loaders — to access and operate on unstable terrain and in soft soil conditions. These mats are successfully used in swamps, bogs, marshes and wetlands; in waterlogged soil and soil with high sand, clay and peat content; and over irregular surfaces including ditches, gullies and narrow waterways.

Benefits of Using the emtek® System

emtek® mats perform exceedingly well and can substantially reduce costs. They provide:

Environmental Protection. The human footprint leaves an impact of approximately 7 psi (pounds per square inch), while the emtek® wetland access system leaves an impact of less than 3.5 psi! Minimal impact helps prevent unnecessary damage to wetland areas, keeping fragile ecosystems intact. Because waterflow is not restricted, this extraordinary wetland access system offers a high degree of protection to marsh plant and animal life.

Tremendous Cost Savings. emtek® hardwood mats are twice as strong and weigh only half as much as standard timber mats. Lighter shipping weight means significantly lower freight costs into and out of your project site. You can purchase or rent emtek® mats.

Impacting a wetland area comes with very serious consequences. Damaging the wetland environment may subject you to fines and penalties. Use of the emtek® system minimizes or eliminates these unexpected costs, saving our customers thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars.

Greater Durability. The name emtek® stands for “Engineered Mat Technology.” Manufactured with extremely strong, indigenous Southern hardwood and uniquely laminated, this product has an average service life of 48 to 96 months, versus the 18- to 48-month life of bolt-connected timber mats. Plus, the increased durability of emtek® mats means higher post-job recovery — up to 100 percent — compared to timber.

Design Flexibility. We help you find the emtek® mat that fits your specific on-site access and supports your requirements from a wide range of configurations, types and sizes. Sizes range from 1.5 to 24 inches in thickness and from 4 to 90 feet in length. Boards can be configured to maximize support and efficiency — whether your project involves flat terrain, non-uniform surface conditions and/or unstable soil conditions.


Why Do Wetland Areas Need Special Protection?

More than 60 percent of the wetlands in our country have been destroyed, and this number reaches 80 percent in some states. We lose approximately 60,000 acres of irreplaceable wetlands each year.

Why are wetlands so important? Their benefits include the following:

  • Wetlands act as natural reservoirs, preventing flooding, alleviating property damage and loss, and even saving lives.
  • Wetlands cleanse water, making it fit for human consumption and providing a habitat for plants (that are used for medicine), fish and wildlife.
  • Wetlands capture and filter waters that flow into major tributaries and waterways, absorbing excess nutrients, sediment and other pollutants before they reach rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.
  • Wetlands capture carbon dioxide and store it for hundreds and even thousands of years, which helps to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that leads to global climate change.
  • Wetlands make ideal recreational areas, offering unique opportunities for fishing, canoeing, hiking and birdwatching.

At NEW SOUTH, we believe that we are acting responsibly by providing access that protects wetlands while energy and other companies perform the work they do so we can all live comfortably. Our company is your best source for the emtek® wetland access system, the only wetland access option that is truly responsible.

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