General Construction

Vital Building Blocks in Your Project’s Success

NEW SOUTH Helps the Builders Build

Our experience in access solutions extends to the general construction industry. Whether you’re building a high-rise, a highway or any other type of structure, we have the expertise, manpower and equipment to build temporary access to and from your site, construct work platforms, and provide heavy equipment support and ground protection.

Make Us Your Full-Service Access Company

NEW SOUTH is not just a utility access provider, nor do we offer just a single service. Our project managers and field crews fully understand the general construction industry and help you meet your site access requirements from start to finish.

Our goal is to help your project succeed by clearing your site, choosing and shipping the right mats to your site, installing temporary access roads and other structures, removing all mats after project completion and restoring the site to its previous condition.

Don’t patch together a network of multiple vendors to do everything that needs to be done — NEW SOUTH has the ability to do it all under one roof!

Let's Join Forces

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