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Erosion Prevention

Controlling Erosion to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Construction Site Erosion Control

New South provides all types of services required in our customers’ SWPPPs (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans). The following products are our areas of focus:

Straw or Hay Bales. Used in areas without excessive rain, inexpensive straw and hay bales are useful as check dams, inlet protection, outlet protection and perimeter control. These temporary erosion control products effectively intercept and retain small amounts of sediment when installed and placed correctly.

Straw Wattles. Straw wattles effectively filter out sediment while still allowing water to flow. They assist in stabilizing construction disturbances by shortening slope lengths, reducing water flow velocity and trapping sediment. Wattles are especially useful during unexpected floods or in areas with excessive runoff.

Erosion Control Blankets. Erosion control blankets help protect disturbed construction areas from wind and water erosion. Designed to support plant growth and reinforce soil, they are also used for reseeding the site during site restoration. Geotextile fabric improves stabilization, separation and general erosion control and lets liquids flow through more easily.

SWPPP and Soil Erosion Prevention

Every construction site must follow a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), which includes various means of preventing or controlling soil erosion, which can lead to stormwater pollution issues. We undertake a variety of methods to reduce the potential for soil erosion, including:

  • Limiting the areas that must be disturbed to only those absolutely necessary for the project
  • Phasing the construction process to decrease the amount of soil exposed to the elements at one time
  • Maintaining natural vegetation to the greatest extent possible
  • Protecting and preserving topsoil
  • Controlling the amount of stormwater that enters the area from upstream, and diverting the flows if possible
  • Stabilizing soils once construction has ended by seeding and planting, mulching and sodding
  • Protecting slopes with erosion control blankets, bonded fiber or turf reinforcement mats
  • Protecting storm drain inlets before and after the soil-disturbing work occurs by covering the inlet with a filtering material
  • Controlling the perimeter with a silt fence or fiber rolls to prevent soil erosion and stop sediment from leaving the site
  • Stabilizing construction area exits so sediment is not removed by vehicle tires and transferred to the street

New South for All Your Construction Site Services

We implement erosion control services on our customers’ project sites. As a full-service access construction company, we do so much more than just providing mats and building access roads and bridges. We see projects through from start to finish, and beyond.

New South understands the environmental impacts of construction and we know that even when the negative effects from construction don’t appear for a while, they cannot be ignored. That’s why we have made a solemn commitment to protecting the environment by providing a range of prevention and control services along with our access construction of roads, bridges and work pads.


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