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Sediment Control

Minimizing Soil Erosion and Other Damage to Wetlands


Before, during and after construction of a temporary access road, such disruption to the terrain can cause shifting and long-term damage to the land, including mud slides, soil erosion and sediment runoff, which require costly restoration.

Sediment from poorly managed or unmanaged construction sites causes significant deterioration of rivers and streams. The professionals at NEW SOUTH understand how the installation, usage and removal of temporary access roads affect the terrain, particularly wetlands, and how to prevent damage. We are the experts in construction sediment control.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

We have the knowledge and skills to minimize soil erosion and related damage to wetlands, swamps and other areas that experience heavy rainfall. This type of damage not only causes hazardous conditions during construction, but it also results in very costly restoration. When projects occur on rented land, which is common in pipeline and power line construction, you are obligated to the landowner to return the land to its original state. Providing soil erosion and sediment control is much easier than dealing with the repairs afterward!

Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Process

NEW SOUTH excels at providing access in wetlands and other environmentally sensitive construction sites. We offer a proprietary system that actually floats on vegetative wetlands, allowing water to flow freely while protecting marsh plant and animal life. The emtek® Wetland Access System (EWAS) is the fastest, safest way to access project sites in vulnerable wetlands and job sites with extremely poor soil conditions. The system provides a safe roadway for your crews while causing minimal impact and leaving the ecosystem intact.

We hire only skilled wetland access crews to install the EWAS in sensitive, challenging terrains. Each dedicated EWAS crew is thoroughly trained and understands how to navigate and lay access roads across wetlands. No two projects are the same, which is why a NEW SOUTH project manager walks the wetland prior to installation to determine the optimal strategy for laying access. Within a month or two after using this sediment control system, the site is back to normal.

Choose NEW SOUTH Access & Environmental Solutions

Any company undertaking a project on wetlands, flood-prone land or other ecologically sensitive areas must be concerned with construction erosion and sediment control. At the very least, you want to avoid violations and fines; at best, you care enough about our planet to mitigate any adverse effects from your actions.

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