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Mat Inventory

Access to the Largest Mat Inventory in the U.S.

More Mats When You Need Them Most

Through our sister company, YAK MAT, we have access to the largest inventory of mats in the United States, including hardwood and composite mats. Compared with our competitors, NEW SOUTH has more mat yards located in close proximity to pipeline and power line project sites, which minimizes freight costs (likely the largest portion of your matting cost) and thus reduces your overall access road costs.

We supply all the mats you need regardless of the size of your project. Mat availability is a key factor in the success of your project. If your mats are not appropriate for the application and terrain, if you don’t have a sufficient number of mats to build your access roads properly, if you don’t receive your mats in time to complete your project by the deadline — then you have problems that may result in costly fines.

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