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Site Restoration

Leaving Your Site Better Than You Found It

Full Site Cleanup and Restoration

We help your company demonstrate good corporate stewardship of the land and a sense of responsibility to the community members who live there. NEW SOUTH believes that your project doesn’t end when you complete your work.  We remain on the job after your crews have left, removing all the mats and restoring your environmentally sensitive worksite to its natural beauty.

Our goal is to return the land to the condition it was in before construction while minimizing any long-term impacts caused by your project. In addition to picking up the access road mats, our field crews remove any debris, restore the grade, replace the topsoil if feasible, and seed and mulch using native vegetation.

Sowing the Seeds of the Future

NEW SOUTH restores the land by planting native vegetation, which promotes healthy ecosystems and greater biodiversity.  A couple of seeding methods are commonly used:

Blanket seeding controls erosion and promotes germination of newly planted seeds by holding the soil and seeds in place. The blanket’s plant-based binding agent holds water and embeds the seeds, keeping them in place until they take root.

Spray seeding or hydroseeding is a revegetation method generally used in large-scale reseeding efforts. The seed mixture is combined with fertilizer, mulch and other additives and then sprayed in designated areas until a uniform coating is achieved.

NEW SOUTH Offers Single-Source Services

We are much more than a mat installation and removal company. NEW SOUTH offers a comprehensive range of services, so you can coordinate with a single company instead of numerous contractors.  We do everything with a focus on the environment — minimizing damage before and during the project and restoring the land upon completion — which sets us apart from other companies in our industry. When you engage the professionals at NEW SOUTH for your next project, your job will run more smoothly and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to protect our planet.

Let's Join Forces

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