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EarthSafe works in any and every environment

March 27, 2014


Is there a single system that enables you to cross waterways, bodies of water and sensitive environments – all with no impact? Yes. Whether it’s an 80’ clear span bridge or a 200’ bridge across a lake or pond, our EarthSafe bridging solutions provide heavy loading and safe access in all environments.


Certified access loads up to 250,000 lbs. can be delivered through the emtek™ product. EarthSafe & emtek™ bridging can even provide access to bridge over existing bridges or crossings that do not meet your load requirements, thereby allowing your equipment and materials safe and effortless access for your project without damage to a less-than-load-worthy structure. Each bridge access project employs seasoned NEW SOUTH access professionals and engineers to evaluate your specific site conditions, load criteria and project schedule, and then provide you a specific bridging solution for your project.

EarthSafe works in any and every environment

EarthSafe works in any and every environment

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