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What Is Midstream Oil And Gas?

February 5, 2020

The oil and gas industry is a vast supply chain that begins with raw materials drawn up from the earth and ending in many of the products on which we depend. That chain is comprised of three main links — upstream, midstream and downstream. Each of these market segments requires companies with specific skills and expertise because they are so different from one another.

Those who follow the industry in North America are probably most familiar with the midstream portion of it, but they may not understand how it differs from the other stages of production. What follows is a brief breakdown of this critical component of the process we know as the energy market.

Understanding Midstream’s Place

In the broadest terms, upstream refers to the extraction and production of raw crude oil and natural gas. This generally includes exploration and drilling. Companies that work in the downstream portion are involved in processing those materials into fuel, rubbers, plastics and other products. Midstream pipeline organizations are the ones responsible for making sure the fluids and gases extracted from the earth handled by upstream parties reach the processors of the downstream side.

Enterprises involved in this side of the business typically participate in transporting, storing and some processing. Although large-scale pipelines are perhaps the most important element of transportation, oil and gas also are transported in tanker trucks, rail cars and ships. Storage tanks and compressors are used to hold fluids and gases before they are shipped to their next destinations.

This portion of the supply chain differs from the others because of the concentration on transportation and infrastructure. For example, midstream construction is a vital aspect of this segment due to all of the storage facilities and pipelines that need to be built. Pipes have to cross large swaths of land to transport oil and gas from remote fields to processing areas and pumping stations. The contractors providing this level of support have to be exceptionally skilled in the unique engineering challenges as well as the rigorous regulatory restrictions under which they must work.

Serving Midstream Clients With Experience

As a leading provider of access solutions to this section of the industry, New South Access and Environmental Solutions is proud to serve as a link in this chain. We supply midstream companies with a full range of civil construction services, including temporary access roads and mats as well as full site restoration. Our experts know how to solve virtually any problem crews may have with accessing challenging job sites and will suggest the ideal product or process to meet their needs.

To learn more about everything we can do for you and your next project, get in touch today. Our representatives will be more than happy to provide you with guidance that can make the work much easier, safer and more environmentally responsible.

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