Wetlands Access: Emtek Versus Traditional Hardwood

March 3, 2015

We were brought in to provide an access solution for a temporary roadway over wetlands after another company attempted to float composite mats on the same marsh.

Composite mats failure in wetlands

As you can see in the video, this roadway built with composite mats does not work well in wetlands. This approach can create a dangerous situation that puts crews, construction vehicles and the environment at risk and slows down the progress of your project.

The smartest approach is to use the emtek® wetland access system. The emtek Type 3 Matting features engineered hardwood mats that float on sensitive wetland vegetation. The mats are twice as strong as traditional hardwood mats and half the weight, and they can be configured for use in extremely poor soil conditions. The emtek® wetland access system will save you money and time as we can lay this safe roadway – faster.

Now take a look at a video from the same job site after NEW SOUTH built a temporary access roadway with the emtek Wetland Access System. What a difference!

Improved wetlands access with emtek

Emtek: A Safer Option from NEW SOUTH

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